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I'm Bad. I'm Bad. Stanley Bad.

In the 70s, I enjoyed dressing as a donkey and singing my punky songs on the traffic island next to my house in Penge. (I still love a Keep Left sign.)
In the 80s, thanks to Adam Ant, I preferred to dress as a dandy highwayman, holding up commuters as they passed my front garden. (Few people ever stood, much less delivered.)

Sometimes I went busking, either on Villiers St. or, more often, at the foot of the obelisk vulgarly known as Cleopatra's Needle. My signature song, I'm Bad, mysteriously appeared (with ineptly rewritten lyrics) on Michael Jackson's BAD album, but I didn't get any credit (let alone any cash). In a fit of pique, I changed my name (to Geoffrey Sick) for the next ten years.
Upon moving to Nottingham in the early 90s, I accidentally joined the infamous 'A Band' on cornet (and later, the bowed FIRE EXIT sign). I was also in some of said ensemble's numerous splinter groups.
I started a cassette label called nausea, and half-heartedly exchanged tapes on the cassette-networking scene, making copies of nausea releases to order (not that there were very many orders).
Moving back to London in '97, I grew a big beard and went a bit off the rails (not for the last time), reading Aleister Crowley and starting the Sick Cult. (The few members are no doubt still wondering what I'm ever going to do for them. Maybe I'll buy them each a pint some day.)
When I was alerted to the existence of a Seattle-based electric violinist named Jeffrey Sick, I changed my name again, to the therionym Lynda Beast. (Incidentally, Jeffrey later changed his name to Geoffrey Castle. I have no idea why.)
One gig I did as Lynda—as one half of Hebetation (a duo with fellow A Band member Stewart Keith) at London's celebrated Klinker club—inspired improvising violinist Sue Ferrar to found the Cross-Dressed Quartet. Lynda also joined a band called Rude Mechanicals, and can be heard on the band's second album, The Cyclops & The Wildebeest.

I still play irregularly with the A Band, Bad Moth, Chromabergs, Fanny Octavia Batman, and Peter Harris—as well as performing solo, or with SBAD.

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